I have been doing photography in the Oklahoma area since 2008 and besides my faith and the children I have welcomed into my home there is no greater joy!

Each person is unique and each legacy they leave during their time in this world is original. As a result, there is nothing I enjoy more than capturing the beauty of an expectant mother,  the joy and wonder of a newborn experiencing their first few days being welcomed into the world or the beauty that resides inside of each person.

Becoming a parent, whether biologically,  through adoption or becoming a foster parent, is a rare time filled with joy, anticipation, fear, and wonder. From the moment you find out that you are a new parent to the day that you welcome that child into your home you experience a full spectrum of emotions.  As a result, I believe these moments are one of a kind and images capturing those moments are priceless!

I have degrees in Business as well as in Photography, have won photography awards and have had my images published in several publications.

Each day we all grow and life is just flying by. My goal is to always live my life with as few regrets as possible and with lots of photos!